Because you really shouldn't shoot stuff at work

Shooting a gun makes a man feel powerful and in control, but also guilty, for what he did to that messenger -- how the hell do they even get that many calories in a Frappuccino??? Now combine your getaway with your shooting, at Barnsley Gardens Resort.

Sitting in the foothills of north GA's Blue Ridge Mountains, Barnsley's a 3.3k-acre retreat offering Thrillist readers a sweet all-inclusive deal: a night in one of their 37 well-kept cottages, clay shooting, pheasant/deer/quail/turkey hunting, golfing, and tours of a Civil-War-era estate that was restored and turned into a resort by Prince Hubertus Fugger, who was all, "This place fuggin sucks, I'm restoring and turning it into a resort." Ask for Thrillist's Guys' Getaway package and you'll get a wireless 'netz-equipped room, unlimited usage of their whirlpool, sauna & spa rooms, plus canoes, and a 100-target round of skeet; when you're all done, you'll find a thoughtful bottle of Jack Daniels made specifically for Barnsley's in a dedicated barrel, which unlike a dedicated barrel roll, Peppy Hare won't repeatedly urge you to do every time you play the first board of Starfox. When hunger takes over, hit the hunting-lodge-style Woodlands Grill for a steak or burger dinner, then crash the beer garden, play some billiards at Dugans Tavern, or pretend you're classy at the "wine library", where the librarians just get sexier and sexier as the night goes on.

Besides the package, the resort's also got horseback riding, bike rentals, and fly-fishing, plus croquet, bocce, and horseshoes, if you want to practice for being the age where they shoot you.