Food & Drink

All German everything, especially beer

Dudes aren't really into gardens most of the time, unless they're named Marvin, and you've already got Atlantic, Ventnor, and enough cash to buy at least one house on each. Giving you a lovable garden filled with all things German, cause Mediterranean just doesn't cut it, Der Biergarten.Der's a festive 7,000sqft indoor/outdoor haven for Deutsch-y food & froth fanatics loaded with 3-D murals of the German countryside, a circular "Stammtisch" (table for regulars) with its own chandelier, and a German-made model train circling the interior's ceiling -- something to watch as you chew-chew. The "Vorspeisen & Salate" (apps & salads) menu includes "Wurstsalat" (Knackwurst, Emmenthaler cheese, onions, pickles, egg, creamy vinaigrette...this is a salad, fyi), a giant pretzel w/ three dipping mustards, a Bavarian cheese spread w/ onions & Munich beer white cheese dip, and corned beef/cabbage/Swiss "Reuben Rolls", which're presumably harvested from Studdard's chin. There're also potato salad & sauerkraut-sided platters of up to three different wursts (pork & beef, veal...), a mustard and coarse salt-rubbed rotisserie pork shank, light-breaded veal Wiener Schnitzel, and the red wine/vinegar-marinated braised Sauerbraten beef rump roast, served with sauce that tastes like a ginger snap, which hopefully has "got the power"...of 75 SPF sunscreen.Get beer-varian with German bottles like Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Bavarian and the cloudy brown Tucher Dunkel, plus drafts like caramel flavored Franziskaner Dunkel and the amber Paulaner Oktoberfest, which they say is not "overly bitter" -- unlike the Scottie Dog, with an unlucky roll, and B&O.