Best of the Best

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Emailed to Miami:Camera Ephemera Hooters Shoot From a photog who normally shoots Fla wildlife, CE captured the secret life of some fine, normally-tanktopped womenfolk backstage at the recent Miss Hooters International Swimwear Pageant in Ft. Lauderdale, snapping photos and covering crucial topics from camera ISO to butt glue. Click on any pic and you'll go to a Flickr page with lots more shots, or scroll down to find CE's true love: Red-bellied Woodpeckers, which just killed yours. Give a Hoot, and peep the shoot

Emailed to Nation: Bottle Throttle A stroke of boozy genius from our suds-loving neighbors to the North, this tight-fitting cap'll let you empty any bottle o' brew in just 3 seconds thanks to an air-bubble-eliminating snorkel that reaches the bottom of the bottle, a slight twist on their original design, which incorporated a hoser. Get speedier suds from Thrillist

Emailed to Chicago: Hooey Batiks These handmade shirts out of Urbana, designed using a traditional Asian technique of painting with melted wax, just came out with some summer-appropriate BBQ designs, one featuring a blue-and-white image of three different charcoal grills and another of a spatula and a frankfurter-spearing grill fork that are crisscrossed, a popular warming-it-up technique in the early 90s that involves wearing your apron backwards and being 11. Represent the grill world

Emailed to Los Angeles: Stainless Steel Notebook Grill 2.0 Just now available in stainless steel, this charcoal grill's got a hefty 250sqin cooking surface (enough for 6 burgers), folds up for easy portability, and weighs in at only 9lbs, which is only one pound more than the human head, according to adorable, out-of work actor Jonathan Lipnicki! Get compact cooking ability from Thrillist

Emailed to New York: Woodgrain Playing Cards From the random household object peddlers at NY's Curiosity Shoppe, these playing cards feature a glossy, 70s basement-esque woodgrain finish on their backsides, plus six slots on their flanks, making building the house almost as easy as losing it. Thrillist's got wood, so play with it