Best of the Best

Emailed to Dallas:Roast My Weenie A side venture of Arlington stamped-steel fastener maker Die Co, Inc, their original brilliantly phallic cooker rose up after the owner received a crude welded nuts/bolts/wire mesh mockup from a business buddy; some Die employees cleaned up the design on AutoCAD, and, hey, that's how fortunes are made. Don't act like you don't want one; click here for the full story

Emailed to Nation: Drunk People Doing Yoga This photo juxtapostion of yogis and degenerates breaks down seemingly complicated positions alongside their passed-out counterparts, like the "Pigeon Pose" (leg pulled to rest under flattened torso vs. woman tangled, face down, in public transit seating), "Halasana" (legs stretched over body while laying on upper back vs. man pinched head-down between fence and bench), and "Balasana", comparing a woman with her torso stretched forward while sitting on her calves, to a man with his head tucked under the plexiglass wall of a bus stop (one too many greyhounds?). Is this supposed to be healthy? Ask Thrillist

Emailed to San Francisco: GoBYO iPhone App The online aggregator of all restos that let you bring your own sauce's going mobile -- the app suggests nearby no-corkage spots via GPS, supports searching by 80 different cuisine types, and features a Spin the Bottle game to play around with, as long as it doesn't point to any of the dudes, or Sharon. It's cheap, it's convenient, it gets you buzzed. Click here for the scoop

Emailed to Miami: Southern Brand iPhone Sleeves Miami's Brand gets back to rural roots with ltd-edition tech protectors made of tri-colored brindle cowhide, with suede on the inside for grip, and smooth leather on the back for easing into the pocket. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Music Maker Foundation, which helps blues musicians make ends meet, but, fortunately for the blues, just barely. Go and seek hide, and let the blues live on, via Thrillist Miami

Emailed to Los Angeles: Homies and Honkies From the guys behind Tee Shirt Hell, this surreal celebration of racial blindness is a collage of counter-pigmented duos throughout pop-culture history (from expected buddies like Crockett & Tubbs to less-expected pairings like Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson to WTFness like David Hasselhoff & KITT), abetted by a slew of cartoon bubbles with equally out-there quotes: "Together they spell awesome. They also spell, "Oohh. See his mink?". We CAN all just get along!! Click this and count the ways!