Best of the Best

Unlike the guy who sells you Thunderbird, Thrillist truly has your best interests at heart; check September's greatest nationwide stories for proof.

Emailed to Boston: Kickin' It With Donnie Wahlberg On the eve of his teen-heavy Mohegan show (and birthday party!) we sat down with Donnie D to discuss French kissing, the Natick Mall, and the limitations of being forced to put the crack up. Read the Thrillist interview that made Joey, Jonathan, Jordan and Danny jealous right here

Emailed to Chicago: I'mma Let You Finish In the grand tradition of Xzibit-aping "Yo Dawg", ILYF is a meme-tastic blog that adapts into various scenarios and notable historical moments Kanye's gentlemanly interjection during Taylor Swift's VMA award acceptance speech, which played out like Girl, Interrupted without Winona Ryder's gentlemanly attempt to nail Jared Leto. Thrillist has the best Best of The Best of all time!!!

Emailed to Dallas: TweetSaver This new Big D-based service will automatically archive, catalog, and make search-able (through your own tags, if preferred) up to 3,200 tweets/re-tweets/direct msgs/faves, and also allows for easy sharing on other social-media platforms, so future generations of Facebook friends need not be deprived of the knowledge that, on Sept 25, 2009, you were "gorging on deep-fried buttr @ SFoT: yum! Now, off 2 vomit". Thrillist helps you keep the tweets safe at night

Emailed to Los Angeles: I Am Friends With Sluts This Hollywood-based blog collects social-network-posted pics of girls in mostly SFW, sexily compromising positions, then abets them with pointed commentary, which isn't the only thing that's going to be pointed, when you, er, nevermind. Anyway, the pics are pretty hot. These hoochies obviously need better friends; click here to see why

Emailed to Miami: Android Watches From the mind of a Deerfield Beach native who toiled away importing timepieces from Europe before he realized he could dream up cooler stuff, Android fashions watches that look kinda normal at first, but upon closer inspection are definitely not -- a quality that's also cool for girlfriends, right? Right? Dude, that Movado is fake. Let Thrillist hook you up with something that bootleggers aren't mass-producing

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