Billy Reid

There was once a time when Southern men dressed with classic style; then came overalls. Choo-choo-choosing to get back to the basics with old-school dude duds, Billy Reid

Now with its full Winter 2009 collection available in GA, Alabama-based Reid crafts classy throwback menswear that puts both gentlemanly and hunter-esque detailing on stuff ranging from sports jackets to shoes, all started by Louisiana-born Billy, who launched his tailoring career at Saks, and now just wants to cover yours with a nice pair of pants. For torsos, there're Mother-of-Pearl-buttoned, cowboyish cotton dress shirts like the lightweight John T. (in navy & white plaid), less-Western topwear like the Biloxi pullover knit sweatshirt (in gray, w/ oval elbow patches for rifle steadying), plus heavier sweaters like the ribbed cuff/collar, lambswool/cashmere Shawl in brown heather, and a wool/silk/cashmere, navy-colored v-neck they call the Savannah Curved, which is a big part of why it wins all those AVN awards. To avoid pantlessness, there's the trim-cut, wool/cashmere Graham trousers in charcoal, and the more-relaxed, cotton moleskin Leightons w/ a flap-closure watch pocket under the right front belt loop, while coating ranges from the super-trim, rust-brown Jonathan sports jacket, to casual hunting-themed outerwear like the brown waxed cotton Guide Sport, with wool lining, four front pockets, and a "kill pouch" for hunters to store varmints located on the rear interior, which is also where Richard Gere stores his

With nighttime weather currently in statutory numbers, you can sleep warm in Billy's one-piece cotton Union suit -- cover-all PJs with patches saying things like "Hunters Support Conservation" and "Make Cornbread Not War", because it's delicious B'Gosh!