Classic drive-in fare in Sweet Auburn

People love discovering stuff in unexpected places: Dan Brown had everybody trying to find new meaning in The Last Supper, and still others tried to find "sentences" in Dan Brown's books. (Somewhat) sneakily shouting out T&A while getting you fed & boozed, Buns & Shakes.Set up under the old Royal Peacock, B&S is a corridor of classic American fare whose name/menu're inspired by lovely lady lumps, with an 80s-tastic main room featuring a velvet-seat-cushioned hookah booth, plus green/pink/orange/yellow-striped walls plastered with old-school vinyl and posters of Jaws, Ferris Bueller, and Run DMC, even though this is clearly Bun's House. Beef burgers're called "Round Browns", and come in sizes from 2.5 to 16oz, while non-bovine options include 8oz turkey or salmon "Special Browns"; there's also chicken in flavors like BBQ, Spicy Asian, and super-hot OMFG on the "Wangs & Thangs" menu (suggestion: order "Thangs"). Also broken down into semi-pervy categories're Nathan's sweet relish/onion-topped beef franks ("Slim Buns"), gyros, chicken Phillys, sammies ("Long Buns"), and 12" or personal pan pizzas (w/ 14 topping choices), which they call "Flat Buns", an obvious critique of DMX's performance in Belly.Spending at least $8 on food'll net you a gratis cocktail on Mon/Wed/Fri from 5-6pm, and soon enough, they'll have $2 drafts on Tues. There're also $10 hookah rentals with seven available flavors (fruit cocktail, strawberry, mint...), and the full bar's got spiked milkshakes like the white chocolate liqueur Vanilla Dream -- exactly what Dan Brown woke up from one day, and started barely-writing.