Food & Drink

Burgers and booze like none other in ATL

Offering a less-expensive alternative to a luxury product can help a business reach tighter-fisted customers, whether it's Ralph Lauren producing the cheaper Chaps, or finer leathermakers producing assless chaps. For the burger joint of the people, check out The Burger Club

Just opened by the father/son team behind Paul's & Social Vinings, Club's a dressed-down departure from their normally upscale eateries, plating craft burgers, sandwiches, and more in an space decked with natural wood floors, 10 flat screens, a stone-topped/black-n-gray-tiled bar, and curving red, green, and eggshell sectional walls, upon which they'll let you draw whatever you want using erasable chalk, so future diners won't discover your middle-bottom Tic-Tac-Toe gambit. While wolfing down free popcorn, you can eye up apps like tempura-battered dill pickle chips w/ chipotle ranch or Kung Fu wings (sauces: Asian, hoisin, soy, honey, sesame seed); 1/2-pound burgers include The Breakfast Club (spiced w/ sage, thyme, brown sugar, nutmeg & black pepper on French toast), the tempura-shrimp-topped Surf & Turf, and the bacon-/cheese-piled, Krispy Kreme donut-bunned Artery Annihilator, which has been a huge hit at state fairs, and ambulances. Non-burgers range from deliciousness like Belgian beer-braised bratwurst and corn meal fried catfish w/ Cajun tartar, to entrees including an 8oz chargrilled sirloin, blackened grouper filet w/ Creole mustard, and the 10oz Chop Steak Au Poivre: a large burger patty in onion marmalade, seared with cracked peppercorns, and slathered with a mix of white wine, Jack Daniels, and au jus, reminiscent of the drink from the popular Fat Joe rap song "Gin & Jus"

TBC's got 30 wines and 20 tapped brews, including Franziskaner Dunkel Weisse, Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA, and Weihenstephaner Hefe Weisse, plus $5 martinis like the The 9th Hole (sweet tea vodka/fresh lemon/triple sec), or the gin, peach schnapps, grapefruit, and basil 101 -- which'll remind you of Chaps 101, where first lesson is "never lean over to collect the change you saved by forgoing an ass".