Catching a cab in ATL can be tricky -- they're tough to find randomly, take forever to show up if you call one, and if you haven't learned to navigate the area, they'll endlessly drive you around the/charge you 285. Making taxi-hailing work exactly how you demand, Chartaride

Now in beta, Ride's an ATL-anchored company that leverages connections with all major people transporters to make ground transport as order-able as pizza from your computer or PDA, letting you choose precisely when, where, how, and in what you wanna be picked up, to make your travel needs "convenient, instant, and flexible", the very same features you prize in blow-up dolls. Enter your name, number, location, pick-up time, and desired ride (taxi, luxury car, limo...), then tell Ride where you're going and it'll show your exact route via Gmap and let you search for available matching rides, showing you the car's year/make/model and the total cost, along with the name of the driver, which you'll just ignore to call him Jeeves, because it's hilarious. Jeeves! Once you see the deal you want, Ride'll confirm pickup and send your chosen whip (or the closest option available); the mobile app'll find you through GPS without entering your address, and also integrates with social media like Foursquare to offer tips on stuff that might interest you in the area, such as nearby coffee shops, clothing stores, or if you're in Vine City, the nearest area that's not Vine City

As a bonus, AAA members get discounts and will soon be able to book all of their travel (rental cars, hotels, etc) directly through the site -- all better than seeing the meter after an unexpected ride around 285, and realizing it's now your heart that'll need a bypass.

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