Food & Drink

Pan-Latino grub and cheap drinks in Midtown

When a worker's uprising occurs, the outcome can be a spectacular success: just look at Russia! Banking their food coup'll work out better, the guys behind Chile Peper.Set up in the former Monterey's, Chile's a pan-Hispanic bar-n-grill serving Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Mexican cuisine, founded by two guys who toiled away as workers for the old spot, bought it out, and now serve family-recipe dishes in a 108-seat, wood-walled interior with two brick fireplaces, and a fenced-in outdoor patio surrounding planted trees -- just pray they don't plant any additional, you'd be sycamore. Things start with a tapas platter (fried plantains & Yucca root, fajita steak, Lechon Asado, Camarones) and half or whole order'd Chori, Fajita, and Supreme nachos, before meandering over to burritos, Tacos de Pescado (w/ garlic butter-sauteed tilapia), enchiladas, and Puebla fajitas: beef, chicken, shrimp, & bacon, w/ poblano pepper'd onion & tomatoes in an authentic Mexican molcajete bowl, because those knockoff ones are just the worst. They've also got Cuban Sandwiches w/ home-seasoned pork, and salsa ranchera-topped Jalisco steak/bean/pico/jalapeño Mexican pizzas on a flour tortilla, while signature plates include chicken, pork, or cheese-stuffed poblanos rellenos, Tropical Salmon (in mango-tequila sauce, w/ Guadalajara mashed potatoes), and deep-fried Viva la Pork Tips -- literally meaning "long live the pork tips", but obviously not the pig.Besides 12/16/27oz Purple Pear, Blue Kiwi, & Acapulco margaritas, there're plenty of Mexican brews (Sol, Carta Blanca, Modelo Especial), and homemade sangria. Thurs-Sat, there'll also be Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian bands -- Cuba would've been represented, in keeping with the resto's cuisine, but they're loathe to leave, as things're just going so damn well in their own country!