Military-esque duds on Ponce De Leon

You've always admired the military for its notable trademarks of courage, strength, and discipline, three things you've been told are really great. Now admire their clothes, on yourself, thanks to The Cockpit.Originally hatched in 1977 by an air show pilot inspired by people's constant coveting of his dad's WWII bomber jacket, Cockpit's a line of vintage-replica armed services clothing, recently relaunched to include contemporary sportswear, denim, woven shirts, and more, letting civilians borrow the visual effect of those in the military, without the nuisance of maybe dying. The newest shipment includes several soft cotton, chain-stitch hemmed, comb-pocketed long sleeve woven buttondowns, like the charcoal & white, slim-striped "The General", the thicker-striped "The Striper" in light blue/cream, and the slim-fit, thin striped, red, white, & grey "Air Space Barber", giving new meaning to "buzzing the tower". They've also got polos like the gently washed Army Air Corps-grade cotton "The Airborne", w/ epaulets and a single pocket (in flight deck blue, cadet blue, or Pacific light green), plus short sleeve woven buttondowns like the white, light sea green, or cadet blue "Fixed Patch" lieutenant's bridge poplin shirt (standard design worn by military officers), with two front utility pockets, which Cockpit suggests you use to store pencils, compasses, and phonograph needles, because there's nothing more harrowing than being behind enemy lines and not being able to fill your head with the Mamas and the Papas.Also just landed're poplin shorts like the olive green, cargo-pocketed "Kamikase", adapted from Japanese flight suits, and the slim-fitting "Skipper", in navy, USMC olive, or U.S. Navy white, inspired by cutoff officer's deck pants, a variation on another thing you've heard is just great.