The Coke Zero Facial Profiler

Everyone's been told, "You look exactly like someone I know", but few ever get to lay eyes on that someone, and thus will never know if the universe really would explode immediately upon shaking hands with this strange person who shares their face. Giving you the chance to meet your doppelganger, the Coke Zero Facial Profiler. The most awesomely futuristic app ever to hit Facebook®, the Facial Profiler uses world-changing technology to enable users to conduct no-cost facial recognition searches -- capabilities previously available only to government, large corporations, law enforcement agencies, and the Who Moved My Cheese kid, who has grown very determined to find that cheese-mover. Basically, the idea's that if Coke Zero has Coke's taste, there's a greater than average chance that someone else has your face. How it works: just upload a photo to the Profiler database via Facebook, webcam or desktop, and you'll be matched up with someone, somewhere, be it Louisville or Lichtenstein, who appears to have been separated from you at birth. Not only that, because this is seriously next-level social networking, you'll actually be able to contact this person and talk about whatever comes to mind, as long as it involves how good looking you both are.

In case you're wondering, any photos you upload and tag will be used for Profiler purposes only, and won't live elsewhere on the Net. Oh, and again: this doesn't cost a thing -- because facial features aside, what really unites people is FREE.

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