Brazil's got all sorts of great stuff going for it: pristine beaches, gorgeous women, the greatest soccer in the world, and let's not even get started on those gangs! And shoes, as proven by Cospirato

Brand new to the States, Cospirato's chosen ATL as the launching pad for its hand-made, 100% Brazilian leather sapatos ("shoes" in Portuguese), which're separated into collections ranging from classic to sporty, all inspired by traditional Italian, French, and English designs and made in Esténcia Velha, known as "the main Brazilian pole of skin leathers" -- so...there's that. Formal footwear's covered by "Refinement", which features classic, tuxedo-ready shoes for dressier digs; go super black-tie with the black patent leather Fortunato 12-2 (w/ stacked leather sole & cushioned rubber insole), or choose a less-shiny pair like the leather soled, perforated black or brushed-Cognac Nono -- though usually that kind of negative attitude gets you very little Cognac. The "Elegant" division gets more casual with the all-leather, chocolate-hued/beige-stitched Patto buckle-top loafer w/ a gold tassel, while the sporty "Relaxing" collection offers dressed-down models like the Voce chocolate suede loafer (w/ contrasting brown leather on the side & cream leather insole), and the all-black leather & suede, rubber-soled Balico, which really puts the "I" in illegal performance enhancing drugs

Cospirato's planning to release more kicks from all three collections as they monitor ATL's response; in the meantime, they're already working on Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter models now, which they say'll have more contemporary details, and "will take more risks, but still be just as clean" -- just like those awesome Brazilian gangs...man those guys can shower!