DC's Coming

In our august capital, men wrangle over some of the world's weightiest and most terrifying issues. That's right: "Can a prime rib be an appetizer?". Yes, yes it can. Because the plight of these intrepid heroes is really the plight of all men, we're fully geared up to launch Thrillist DC. Write your congressman -- and then write everyone you know, even those too awesome for elected office -- and tell them we're coming. Like you in your own fair 'burg-tropolis, we'll be loading up your DC amigos with a surfeit of local booty: from a global eatery that broadens your street-meat horizons way beyond wiener; to a two-day adventure that treats you like a rugged outdoorsman one night and a delicate spa-flower the next; to a waterside tiki haven armed with enough rum to start a hilariously short-lived and distracted revolution.Do you hate your DC boys so much that you'd rob them of this? No, because that's too much hate. So tell them to sign up.Of course, since everyone from beleaguered CEOs to congressional concubines has business in DC, you should sign up too. But really -- tell your friends.