Desinger shades from LA in ATL

There're certain things you definitely trust LA to do right: plastic surgery, and movies...featuring the results of plastic surgery. Confirming that sunglasses belong on that list: Dita

Meticulously designed in LA and hand-made in Japan, Dita's just dropped a fresh round of shades from their "Sun" collection, constructed from high-grade materials and imbued with intentionally subtle detailing "which lets the design of the frame complement features of the wearer", of course, that's also what they said about your mu-mu. Stockier-framed models include the stunner-esque, rounded acetate frame "Copious", in several color combos (black swirl frame w/ dark gray gradient lens; tortoise & burnt brown w/ dark brown lens), and the "Selector", w/ polarized, real glass lenses, a straight-across bridge, and frame coloring choices like black/black swirl, coffee-caramel, and honey tortoise, which you'd totally accidentally eat thinking it was chicken. For lighter, slimmer fare, there's the "Marquis", with two-tone metal plating and titanium frames in matte & shiny black carbon, antique silver, or 12K gold; the white gold, rubber nose-padded "Challenger"; or the "Midnight Special", with a frame-less bottom that provides a "floating lens", which you'll never find, what with all that splashing and chicken fighting

If you send in your scrip, Dita'll also makes you specs that actually help you see, like the boxy, optionally tintable "Grandmaster-Two" (clear framed, w/ oversized titanium hinges & custom hex rivets), or the diamond-patterned titanium, gold/acetate-framed "Statesman", suggesting another one of LA's proficiencies: voting for fully qualified gubernatorial candidates.