ATL native returns from Japan with bags & more

They say that in order to be truly happy you've gotta follow your heart, although it's unclear exactly how much quality guidance your Dreamboat Annie LP really contains. Following his own to become a Magic Man of fashion, they guy behind Donnie Wellz.

ATL-based Donnie is a line for the "roving businessman" featuring elegantly masculine accessories from top-grain leather bags to neckties and cufflinks, started by Atlanta native Dennis Williams, who started the business in Japan and brought it back home after deciding he'd rather be in fashion than continue serving in the military, even though many of his pieces have remained navy. Grab the shoulder-strapped, ostrich, perfect-for-four-day-trips Don Duffle (with four front pockets), the wide, rounded BB Messenger briefcase with a zippable iPad compartment, or the carry-on Buffoely Brief with flap-cover inner file folder and zip compartment for a change of gear, which Dennis says is good for a two-day trip, and unlike mescaline won't cause you trouble at the TSA checkpoint. They've also got cufflinks with designs ranging from a lion's head to flathead screw panels, plus microfiber ties in three categories: "Luxury" striped patterns, "Presidential" paisleys, and the vine-patterned "Royal Fit", also what Prince Harry threw when he found out William was being named successor to the throne, and getting his own Corgi.

Because these ties might not match your And1 jumpsuit, Donnie also does custom suiting by appointment, modeling them after European cuts and styles, which you can only hope don't look craaaaazy on you. Crazy, crazy on you.