Handcrafted cocktails and bar bites at W Downtown

Your alcohol might seem happy wearing nothing but a lukewarm yeasty froth, but if you don't let her dress up in a while, she'll think you've lost interest and, desperate for attention, just hook up with your googly-eyed friend Kevin. Let your booze be radiant, at Drinkshop.From NYC cocktail sensei Sasha Petraske, Drinkshop's a plushly minimal shrine to refined tippling, with crushed blue velvet benches & wall padding, wide, low-height leather seats surrounding cracked glass tables, and a prominent juicing/extraction station that makes the Juice Tiger look like a wheezing tabby. Libation ingredients are obsessively all-natural (hand-squeezed ginger beer; sours made on the spot from egg whites), resulting in refreshers like the Bee's Knees (gin, lemon juice, & honey), El Diablo (tequila, ginger, currant, and soda), and the sugary mint, lime, rum, and bitters "Drink Shop Swizzle", which you'll love fo' shizzle. Even the ice takes things up a notch, via a 150lb chipping block, plus custom cold-sculpted spears, spheres, and pellets; likewise, bottle service gins, vodkas, and tequilas come in ice cylinders (if you're lucky, you might also discover Brendan Fraser in there as well).Since alcohol can become snippy without company, gourmet bites include Buffalo Rock shrimp, parm-garlic truffle fries, and fried olives w/ spicy pork sausage -- but watch out, 'cause now that she's looking so good, your booze might just decide to run off with that sizzling hunk of hog.