Eleven at Loews Hotel

When something's named after a number, it can mean just about anything: ATL-reared R&B quartet 112 was dubbed such after the famous local club, and Phillips 76 was named after the number of chalupas your buddy Phil could eat in one visit. For a restaurant using its midtown address as a moniker, visit Eleven.Opening Thursday on the lobby floor of the new Loews Atlanta, Eleven's a 125-seat Southern-meets-Mediterranean casual bistro with food fashioned by a French-educated chef (previously helmed the Downtown Ritz's Dining Room), with brown felt booths, beige couches, a wooden back wall with candles placed in rectangular alcoves, and a glass/stone-tiled wall with orange glass-paneled installation of dancing silhouettes, which unlike those iPod commercials, won't induce Vertigo. The menu features farm-fresh ingestibles and locally sourced meats, firing up with apps including sweet corn bisque, roasted prawn cake w/ saffron chive créme, and woodstone corn bread pudding, which comes with pan-seared jumbo sea scallops, crunchy red watercress, and raw vegetable vinaigrette, and's part of their two-person-feeding menu they call "Things We Share" -- and importantly, nowhere on it does it mention your Matchbox cars. For entrees, check out the Southern Bouillabaisse, which has Georgia white shrimp, cherrystone clams, and the daily market fish selection in a crawfish broth, or the hickory Piedmont smoked chicken w/ Parisian gnocchi casserole, tarragon lemon juice, and shaved Reggiano, which claims it's just naturally smooth. Each Loews restaurant has a signature cocktail inspired by its city; while they're still fiddling with the ATL job, you can enjoy the ones featured in other burgs, like Vegas' "Casablanca", with vanilla liqueur, mint leaves, Belvedere Pure, pineapple juice, and 10 Cane Rum, a spirit named after Phil, due to the number of walking sticks he breaks waddling back to the gas pump.