They say the best things in life are free, which means they've obviously never had a Whatchamacallit. For a gloriously time-wasting site from a guy who realized the worst things in life are also gratis, visit iMovieTube

iMT exclusively streams movies whose plots, production, and acting are sublimely wack completely free o' charge on their high-quality player; there's no fee because the films' owners allowed their copyrights to expire, or let them be licensed, so you at least know they can execute a three-point turn. The blessed badness includes

In The Year 2889: "A group of post A-war survivors, gathered together in a valley, are menaced by cannibalistic human mutants with telepathic powers. They argue and complain a lot, which doesn't really help their situation", making one wonder how that dude effectively GTLs in post-apocalyptic wasteland

Teenage Devil Dolls: "Cassandra falls in with the wrong crowd in high school. Her home life is not great, and she turns to a group of delinquent bikers to help escape. Before long she's doing drugs and failing her classes until she has no chance of getting in to college", which is tragic, since it's the perfect environment for failing/taking drugs

Bloody Wednesday: A "surreal character study" made in '87, this one's a tale of "an average guy's speedy descent into madness and violence" inspired by San Diego's 1984 McDonald's massacre; it starts w/ scrolling text that reads "The last place we would feel threatened is our neighborhood coffee shop", at least until someone busts a Frapp in your ass

A few films even feature genuine Hollywood stars, such as kung-fu flicks with Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba, Born To Win featuring one Bobby De Niro, and Attack Force Nam starring David Carradine, who found out the hard way that the best things in his own life would actually end it.