It's basically a universal law that no man can resist playing with his wood. Also, they love masturbating. Sticking to the former thanks to an inventory of all-ATL-made woodworks, fitch+company

Helmed by an Atlanta-born woodworker who peddled antique furniture in NY for five years before returning home, f+c's pushing wood tables, shelving units, and other home furnishings, all crafted by members of a 12-man collective of full-time and retired carpenters, better known as the DeWalt Dozen. The newest stock includes small tables like "Chopsticks", which features a reclaimed beechwood top and spalted maple legs resembling the Asian utensils, and a wall-aligned table, constructed using locally reclaimed lumber and reconstituted sunflower seeds, making them eco-friendly and Formaldehyde-free, so they don't smell all funny when you dissect them. Other fresh works include a dark, flame-torched ash bench, as well as a large Padauk wood coffee table w/ contrasting reddish/tan stripes; Fitch's wood-crafting mentors also represent, with goods like a three-piece bench set and a cherry framed, zebra wood-bezeled, walnut-/cherry-geared grandfather clock, which still maintains it wasn't in the wrong for striking its children

Additional wood includes a modular, poplar core plywood entertainment center, plus half-antique "hybrid furniture" walnut chairs (modernized w/ aluminum legs and plywood seats in the place of original fabric), with Fitch working the wood by hand in the shop, and also making furniture.