Anti-elitist latenight Buckhead eating

There's a lot to be said for keeping things casual, even if it is just on Fridays, and HR won't let you just wear boxers anymore, even after you upgraded to uber-stylish Joe Boxers. Opening Friday with food, drinks, and an easy-going attitude: Gypsy Stag.

Stag took what was Villa Vino and made the upstairs more spacious by removing the booths, adding 11 50in HDs, two Golden Tees, and a painting of a deer-headed/human-bodied lady, and reopening the heavily couched downstairs lounge from the Genki days; the whole joint'll be serving NY-style pizza 'til 2:30am nightly, and bills itself as "a casual bar with a come-as-you-are feel", which you usually can only cop from old Nirvana groupies. Carb-up with starters like Capicola/ mortadella/ pepperoni/ mozzarella strombolis, warm sausage bread, or crisp-fried/never frozen teriyaki/ BBQ/ lemon pepper wings; there's also an 8oz Black Angus burger, a fried buffalo chicken sammy, and a jumbo beef dog, as opposed to a jumbo beef, dog, which is what happens when Randy Jackson realizes what everyone really thinks of him. Using their homemade dough, they're turning out small & large calzones, plus slices and 12"/ 14"/ 16" pies, both of which can be customized with up 17 toppings, from anchovies and meatballs to feta, bacon, and banana peppers, which presumably will be tallied by Harry Bell-fonte.

They'll be carrying 15 bottled brews at the full bar, with well drinks always going for just $4, and on the weekends the house DJ'll be spinning Top 40s -- also an ill-conceived homemade beer-bra that HR also seems to not like.