Authentic Persian in SoBu

Many fantastic things come from Persia, like ornate rugs, rare longhaired cats, and, can that dude jump over spike-filled chasms. And also delicious food, as evidenced by Sufi's Atlanta.

Known for 34 years as Greek foodery Shipfeifer, Sufi's is now plating Persian in a glowing gold and bronze dining room with big-backed copper-hued banquettes, a small stage for Persian musicians, an open kitchen featuring a peach glass/stone-mosaic-tiled oven (where fresh bread's baked daily), and a marble-topped bar with wood arches, also why clogs are the worst shoes ever. Lunch brings wraps like open-flame-cooked beef, plus kabob-ery including baby spring lamb tenderloin, the Soltani (filet mignon & lean ground beef), the Joojeh (Cornish game hen), and the Chicken Barg, which gets marinated and pounded, because when you've got real flava everybody gives you dap. For dinner, it's bowls of Fesenjoon (chicken, slow-cooked walnuts, pomegranate juice/molasses), plus Ghemeh Badenjoon (lean beef chunks in tomato sauce w/ split peas, sautéed eggplant & onions), or you can toss lamb shank, grilled salmon, or chicken in saffron-basmati-rice-based Polo dishes, aka what Ralph Lauren eats off when he's dining with his Chaps.

They're waiting until January to pour beer, wine, and liquor, but you can feel more than free to BYOB until then. If you're more into sugar highs, you can enjoy Jewish apple cake, Persian saffron ice cream (made w/ rose water & pistachios), or a European Cream Puff, who the Prince would take down super-easily...he probably can't even jump-slash!