Members-only beer & cocktail cavern

Various operations establish rewards programs to encourage repeat business, from airlines, to sandwich shops, to prisons, who on your third visit, will happily put you up forever! Presenting the frequent beer-drinker's club: The Fred.

Just finished with a curved wood barrel ceiling, a psychedelic carpet, heavy curtains separating private dining areas, a 20-seat smooth wooden bar, and dark leather booths, The Fred is Taco Mac's separate entry'd basement enclave of exclusive beer, cocktails, and snacks, named after their longtime beverage manager; the only way in is to become a member of Taco's "Brewniversity" beer club, by getting a special card punched to prove you've drank 13 beers, and if you do it in one sitting, it's even more like real college. Once that card's full, go around the back of the Mac and hit a secretive walkway, press the red button near the unmarked door (not the door to the right w/ a "No Deliveries" sign), and the bartender'll buzz you in, after which you'll scan your card on a wall-mounted kiosk inside (curtained off from the main area), where you'll either be given the green light to enter the aforementioned room and imbibe 45 high-ABV beers and cocktails not available upstairs, or be scolded, and ordered to go back up and drink more. 20 taps include Duck Rabbit Schwarz black lager, Spaten Pilsner, and barleywine Victory Old Horizontal, and there's bottles like Belgium's Scaldis Noel Belgian red amber (12% ABV) and Czech's Zatec Pilsner; cocktails come from either their "Classics" (Rogue Rye Sazerac, made w/ Rogue's Dead Guy Rye) or "Signature" menu, which includes the Spruce Cuke (Junipero gin, Thatcher's Organic Cucumber liqueur, tonic), and the Absolut Vanilla, Thatcher's, soda, lime, and fresh dill/chili-flake-rimmed Showtime, which is way more fun to drink once your parents go to bed.

They've also got small bites like an bratwurst & caramelized onion egg roll, and warm ciabatta & Genoa salami w/ Swiss & cherry peppers -- a sandwich whose frequent eating will reward you with little more than your own roll.