A club scene with plenty of booze and an ace Hawaiian chef

Complacency can be your worst enemy, especially if you're a business that requires constant expansion, like a publicly traded company, or the private one that makes Kirstie Alley's pant-suits. For a lounge that's upgrading to please both new residents and regulars near Castleberry Hill: Fuse

Totally reworked /rebranded over six months, Fuse is the former M Bar, rebuilt by the same Panamanian owner/contractor, but now separated into two areas: a club-style front focused on dancing and drinks, with new bluish-green lighting and multi-colored bubble paintings, and a quieter back room for dinner and private events, with a smoked glass entry door, a thick granite bar, crimson/cream bench seats, a 6' pull down projection screen for movies, and walls made of Tigerwood, leaving one to wonder how Tony sustains his growl these days. Stepped-up grub comes from the newly hired former head of the U of Hawaii's culinary school, who's plating apps like Asirome turkey burgers on a raft of fries, BBQ Shrimp, all-jumbo-lump-meat Crab Cakes, and Yum Yum diver scallops over grits; dinners include Mudde Waterz (firecracker-fried catfish & shrimp w/ garlic bread & fries), crisp-seared Salmon Pomegranate w/ salmon chips, and the spinach, shrooms & white wine garlic sauce-accompanied 8oz Rowe Steak, which is about all Debbie got in MJ's will. Sate your raging thirst with red or white housemade sangria, "Happy Feet" margaritas like the Tino Bomb (1800, Corona, Cointreau, sour, lime), martinis like the Super Head (Stoli Strasberi, strawberry puree, peach schnapps & white grape juice, garnished w/ Airheads candy), or "Rum Jungle" selections like the Bacardi Silver/Select/151, pineapple juice, pear nectar, coconut juice & Grenadine-mixed Silverback -- combined with your romantic attempts, it'll leave you forever known as the aped crusader

Weekly events include salsa dancing on Wed nights and Wii Thursdays, while Fridays get 6-9pm performances from local bands. While watching, enjoy desserts like The Real (Grand Marnier-infused ice cream sandwich), or the cinnamon syrup-glazed, ice cream soup-based Granny Smith apple pie known as Grandmama's Apples -- which Kirstie Alley's got ahead of schedule, as no one's skin can keep up with such wild weight fluctuations.