Googie Burger

The Olympics have given Atlanta so much, like the stadium that became Turner Field, which until Eric Robert Rudolph showed up, everybody thought was the bomb. Continuing the Games' legacy of giving back to ATL, this time with meat, Googie Burger

Opening tomorrow in the middle of Centennial Olympic Park, Googie's a Jetsons-esque, futuristic-yet-'50s-styled walk-up stand with an orange-paneled exterior, windows that let you observe the grilling, and a kinda-crazy, sharp-angled diagonal ceiling shooting from the ground up to 60 feet, with nearby tables offering a close view of our "Fountain of Rings" (which Larry King opted for after the youth one clearly didn't work out). Cooked-to-order burgers (double your patties for just a buck) are slapped on griddled potato rolls, and include the American & "signature sauce"-topped Classic, the Beefy Pig (beef patty, smoked pork, bacon, American), and the pepper Jack/BBQ sauce Veg Out, whose patty's crafted from black beans, brown rice, and organic oats, which was warned by Hall that if it didn't watch out, it would be man-eaten. Further fattening's handled by all-beef hot dogs, crispy chicken strips, and a seven-spiced Flyin' South fried chicken sammy w/ house-made hot sauce & blue cheese slaw, to all of which you can add fries which're cooked in peanut oil and "hand-picked", even though they would've come out bigger with a hot comb

Swig away on red & white wines by the glass, plus Atlanta-brewed beers like Terrapin (Rye, Golden) and Sweetwater's 420 and IPA. To really slurp your booze, there's vanilla-vodka-spiked milkshakes, like the Créme de Banana-mixed Twinkie -- ask if they can deep fry it, and they'll just ask each other "Izzy serious?"