Porky caterer's westside citadel of 'cue

Pigs don't always have the greatest surroundings, whether it's a sty, a petting zoo, or a controlling totalitarian government run by Napoleon, who's actually Stalin...oh, you silly pigs! Sexy-ing up some pigs' environs, Hottie Hawg's Smokin' BBQ

BBQ catering company Hawg's just got a permanent home: a bright red & yellow brick house (where hand-selected waitresses beauteous enough to grace the joint's pinup calendar serve smoked/grilled meats) ornamented with antique chairs, a wall of Dallas Cowboys mementos including a signed Romo helmet, a wooden bar w/ polished-over baseball cards & sports memorabilia, a stuffed deer head, a portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and kerosene cans turned into winged pigs -- because if those pigs are gonna fly one day, they're gonna need fuel. Small plates include "Uncle Cooter's" Brunswick stew, which they'll put on top of mac & cheese for "Stewy Mac", along w/ catfish fingers, fried "Bottle Cap" pickles & peppers, and smoked wings which come dry-rubbed or tossed in sauces from mild to "Burnin' Down The House", which's made w/ 30 habaneros and requires a waiver, scaring many into running back to the Mild, Mild Life. Further gorging's handled by sanders like the char-smoked/pulled chicken and the 1lb pulled pork/chicken/Texas brisket/pepper crusted bacon "Boss Hawg" w/ "Lone Star" slaw & maple habanero sauce, plus the "Hot Bastard" burger w/ roasted poblanos & Vidalia onions, and main meals like brisket, baby back ribs, and the 10oz Angus Aikman's Ribeye, as the Jason Garrett's Ribeye just sits in the kitchen, waiting to become offensive coordinator

For dessert, it's stuff like dark chocolate cheesecake, plus pies such as Key Lime and "All-American" apple. The bar's fully stocked, w/ bottles and cans including Dale's Pale Ale, Baltimore's Heavy Seas Marzen, Sawtooth from Left Hand, and Mama's Lil' Yellow Pils, which were also instrumental in battling the headaches brought on by reading Animal Farm.