SF streetwear comes to ATL

Plenty of things come to mind when you think of the word "huff", until you grab a canister of keyboard cleaner and actually do it. Changing the connotation to clothes by dropping an "f", Huf

An SF threads brand just dishing a fresh Fall collection of hoodies, jackets, crew sweaters, oxfords, caps and more, Huf's helmed by a pro-skateboarder NY native whose frustration with local shops not carrying his favorite brands led to opening his own store, then to the development of his own line of streetwear, and then giving Standard the exclusive right to carry it in ATL, most likely owing to its similarly iconoclastic name. Autumn additions to the catalog include cotton tees like the red Altamont, featuring a photo of the crowd at the infamous 1969 concert, a white number featuring a Betty Page-like female dressed only in black stockings with red "x's" over her eyes, and the forest green Classic Rain Camo Logo, with "HUF" on front outlined in white & yellow raindrops, which just like their solid-state counterpart, should be kept out of your mouth. You can also class yourself up a touch with the front-pocketed plaid Tartan oxford (in gray, blk/white, red/blue plaid), or combat the cold with the black "Cross Coach" jacket w/ black & white plaid interior lining & old English logo lettering on the back, and the green or gray, globe outline/"1984"-fronted "Death Party Crew" sweater, to better fit in at the pro-Kevorkian rallies

For your dome, Huf's got "Rain Camo" New Era fitteds that match the t-shirt, and five-panel corduroy volleyball caps in maroon, brown, black, & green -- colors you're used to seeing whenever you get around to cleaning up your computer.