Sleek slacks and shorts from Venice in Midtown

Some companies' workers are intensely prideful of what they do, like Sam Adams employees, whom you probably know from the commercials love their jobs, but then again, they're drunk. Seriously stoked about making pants for you, Incotex.Part of the Slowear umbrella of premium Italian clothing brands, Incotex has just released fresh designs of its classic hand-made, tailor-fitting casual and dress slacks and shorts, offering looks both corporate and recreational, all lovingly made in Venice's Industrie Confezioni Tessili factory, where devoted workers "view every pair of trousers they produce as a piece of architecture", properly befitting your leaning tower. All slacks're constructed with premium materials, like the lightweight, front-pleated Salia dress pants, made of 100% superfine Italian wool (in gray, gray heather, or black), the medium-weight Super 140s (dark brown, tan, gray), with front lining and double pleats, with yarn made on high-tech looms to be durable, yet super-light/fine (oooh, you know you lookin good, yarn!). Casual designs include green, beige, or red check-patterned 55%/45% cotton/linen Chinos (w/ on-seam pockets & a flat front); gray Prince of Wales mélange cotton poplins; 60%/40% linen/silk Pincords (brown or blue-on-tan vertical stripes) w/ an interior coin pocket, or the watch-pocketed, 100% fine Italian cotton corduroy'd Baby Wale, which run a size smaller than usual, as if the name didn't make you feel bad enough.Inco's also got shorts like the slim-fitting, white/green micro-stripe cotton, or regular fit white/violet Washed Bermudas -- but if you have any pride in your work, the least you can do is show up in your cleanest shorts.