Joe Havasy

When a kid's stuck indoors for most of his adolescent life, you never know how they'll turn out; some go on to win the National Spelling Bee, wile othres due nawt. Cop happily twisted works from a guy whose shut-in youth brought out his artistic talents: Joe Havasy

An Athens-dwelling UGA alum who got super-into drawing animals as a kid when his parents urged reading encyclopedias indoors over running around outside, Havasy creates adorably disturbing art by taking naturally cute things (babies, animals, etc) and working in guns, knives, and blood using high quality paints and heavy archival "nice" paper, which really doesn't like what's being painted on it, but is way too genial to say anything about it. Endearingly evil prints're available in a variety of sizes, including "I Will CUT You!", featuring a besotted pink elephant wielding a broken bottle, "Narwhal Prankster" (smilingly impaling a penguin on its tusk), and the awesomely mean "Flying Clowns Descend On The Schoolyard", with shark-toothed clowns pouncing on kids, throwing them off the roof, and even dunking one like a basketball...so, Alon-bozo Mourning? For less barbarous arts, check out "No One Wants to Hug a Cactus", with the sad-looking plant waving from a blue-sanded desert, the self-explanatory "Hot Doggles the Dancing Hot Dog", and a floating "Penguinaut" with Earth behind him (and you'd better penguin-not take away his TANG)

Joe also sells 15oz coffee mugs with his illustrations and you can even get your pet immortalized through a custom portrait -- just email him photos and your idea, and hope hee cann reed betur then ewe cann right.