Just Loaf'n

When you think about New Orleans a couple of things jump to mind, and they're both called boobs. Flashing you with the second-most famous Big Easy export -- Creole-cooked consumables -- Just Loaf'n.

Finally open in Buckhead after months of "Coming Soon" signage, Loaf'n is a New Orleans-during-Mardi-Gras-inspired, purple/gold/green-painted shack of Cajun cuisine for consumption on the small, steel-tabled front patio, plating snacks, dinners, and the aforementioned po boy, which would've closed that endorsement deal with Pillsbury, if only they were a little more ticklish. With the exception of 50-wing platters, all menu items're under $14; get those wings (lemon pepper, BBQ Cajun, HOTTTT!) in a basket w/ fries, slaw & hush "pups", or start with classic Louisiana eats like seafood/andouille sausage gumbo, jambalaya w/ dirty rice, and deep-fried fare like pickles, turkey legs, and gator bites -- well, at least one did last week, and he's probably still crying. Huge po boys're dressed w/ mayo, mambo sauce, and pickles, and served on N.O. Leidenheimer's French bread; get yours stuffed with choice of seafood (fried shrimp, oyster, catfish, tilapia, soft shell crab, alligator), or go turf with fried turkey, roast beef & gravy, or Patton's Hot Sausage, which was previously only seen in the Director's Cut.

If all you want's a burger, snap up a Black Angus Cajun, or get even fatter with the seafood platter (fried catfish, oysters, shrimp, hush puppies & fries) or a crawfish or shrimp seafood boil -- guaranteed to be more enticing than the one you saw on that chick during Mardi-Gras that made you want to jump from the balcony.