Kane & Unke

There's a storied tradition of two-man teams creating great brands named after themselves, like Ben & Jerry's, or Sigfried and Roy -- um, make that 1.75-man teams. For a duo ready for success in the fashion biz, check out Kane & Unke

Exclusively sold at Metropark, last-name-derived K&U's an LA-based line of understated dude-duds started by childhood pals who both worked in the clothing industry (Kane in sales at Sean John; Unke designing private label gear) before up and quitting to create their own collection thanks to a shared desire to "stop working on somebody else's vision" -- a great slogan for entrepreneurs, not so great for LASIK doctors. Imminently affordable body-draping starts simple with cotton tees like the standard or v-neck Slub Epaulet (made of ultra-soft burnout fabric, w/ faux epaulets on shoulders), plus other chest-peekers like the Raw Edge (in blue or gray, w/ a pre-frayed collar), or the charcoal heather, shoulder-patched Cross Hatch, which you definitely don't want to do, as there's nobody more dangerous than a 75-year-old singing Mormon who sits on the Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure Committee. They're also crafting woven buttondowns (whose "convertible" sleeves button halfway up) like the Military Plaid w/ epaulets & contrasting pockets in teal/purple or black/white, and you can get jacketized with the minimalist New Life (w/ mock neck & ribbed cuffs), the removable sleeve, chest-pocketed Convertible 6, or the breathable mesh-lined cotton Zipper, which shakes all the quarters out of your pockets and always makes you regret eating that funnel cake

The line's rounded out by the approaching-formal Coated vest, which gets a slotted chest pocket, and the Double Zip Color Block track jacket, with detachable hood and dual front zippers to tighten up the fit, assuming, of course, you're not a truly Chunky Monkey.