Kiser Studios

Men have loved comic books since they were rugrats, but at a certain point, your exhaustive X-Men collection will repel women so effectively, you'd be better off actually being a Cyclops. Get graphic art with a more street-cred, from Kiser Art.

Holding things down in Charlotte, Marcus Kiser's a graphic designer/illustrator who heads a creative crew of photographers and artists called God City 7, and makes wall-worthy art by splicing political figures, musicians, and of course, panda bears with comic book-styled drawings, "in order to create a visual hybrid of goodness for the soul" that looks way better hanging over your mantle than a Prius. His website's got a grip of hero-esque prints up for sale, starting with rap superstars/Transformers get-togethers, like "...Swagger Like Us...", featuring a hooded Method Man standing in front of Skywarp, and "Swagger 2", with an afro'd Ludacris flanked by Optimus Prime; the fun continues with governmentally-geared concepts like the "Castro Wolverine", with the communist strongman sporting adamantium claws, and "Obama/Captain America", featuring a dark blue-suited #44 against a blue-/white-starred background, holding Cap's star-centered shield while throwing a right hook at an unseen enemy, sure to infuriate the liberal left. There's also the "Invisible Soldier" collection, based on Kiser's same-named, soon-to-be-published indie comic series, with prints like the handgun-toting silhouette "Pin Up", and the three-paneled, B&W "Suicidal Thoughts Short 2", w/ a Timbo-booted dude looking out at the city from the rooftop; there're also tees like "1", featuring an "Invisible Soldier" logo above a large number 1 with two grenades inside it, and a similarly I.S.-logo'd tee in beige, with a printed bullet belt that's got a microphone mixed in among six rifle rounds, turning you into T.I. Joe.

Kiser also makes himself available for graphic design services outside of decorative art and fashion, including flyers, full-color two-sided biz cards, logos, and even CD insert designs, so you can really pimp out that mix for the girl you want to see you as more than just a shady Nightcrawler.