Kowloon Seafood

When late-night hunger strikes in Atlanta, you're generally stuck with fast food, greasy diners, or after-hours clubs, none of which ever seem to have in-season pan-fried cuttlefish. Weird, right? Giving you just that after most restos've closed, Kowloon Seafood

Open from 9am to 3am every day and serving ~200 Chinese dishes ranging from traditionally kung-pao-y to seriously unusual, Kowloon's completely refurbished the old First China with maroon carpets, black/tan banquettes, and a giant brass dragon who's not very good for chasing, as he's both mounted to the wall, and not made of opium. App-sized fare includes old standards (ribs, pot stickers, tempura-fried chicken, shrimp & veggies), honey garlic pork chops, nine gourmet soups (minced beef, crab meat/fish maw, winter melon diced pork...), and unconventional "cold plate" selections like deep-fried silver mini fish, duck's tongue w/ spicy salt, and jelly fish center, which basketball insiders have almost universally decided is "soft". For dinner-sized seafood, get a bass steak, steamed oysters with X.O. chili sauce, the house special crab (sauteed w/ minced pork, pepper & garlic), that aforementioned cuttlefish w/ ginger, or hot clay pots filled w/ fried fish head, "sizzling" fresh frog, salted fish & diced chicken, or stewed pork belly, which is just upset that his stomach has come to define him

You can also hit the sushi bar for maki/nigiri/etc., or get steamed rice plates (bitter melon beef, roast pork & duck...) and chef's specialties like the Bird's Nest Delight -- and as long as that bird isn't a Crowe, there's a chance it might even be accurate.