Homemade breakfast/lunch/dinner in Roswell

Great things have long sprung up next to bodies of water, like trading posts that eventually turn into metropolises, and incredibly smart super-sharks that eat Sam Jackson after he delivers electrifying speeches. Springing up just now: food, from Lakeview Bistro

Owned by a Jerusalem-born 20-year vet of Mediterranean and East Euro eats, Lakeview's a cafe/bistro doing the all-homemade breakfast/lunch/dinner thing, with a woodsy interior featuring stone-tiled floors, plastic leafery, and a wrap-around balcony'd patio offering relaxing views of the (curiously unnamed) lake the joint sits on, just so you can't call them liars. The operation opens at 7AM for day-starters like Breakfast Combos, a compilation of four self-chosen options like pancakes, grits, scram'd eggs, and hashbrowns, plus secret-family-recipe daily baked danishes, croissants, and muffins; stick around for lunch like a quiche (Lorraine, Florence, chicken), or small/large Salad Sensations (as if there's any other kind), like Turkey & Broccoli, Tuna Nicoise, or Chicken Waldorf. Moving on, there's two-sided entree platters like Sesame Beef, Mediterranean Tilapia, and Chicken Tortellini, gyros (chicken, lamb, falafel), specialty 'wiches like Chicken Santa Fe (w/ cajun sundried tomato sauce, bacon-roasted peppers, & pepperjack), on your choice of wheat, focaccia, an Italian roll, or a wrap, plus pitas like the Chicken Press w/ bacon & Swiss, or the Reuben Sensation, which beat out the Buffet Aiken

Lakeview's also got fresh fruits, sweets like homemade Rice Pudding, and baked pastries (Carrot Cake, Apple Muffins, Oatmeal-Walnut Cookies), and even popular candies like Starburst, Skittles, Twix, and Snickers, which is also the traditional result of watching Sam Jackson get eaten.