Lenox Square Grill

When you get something big for a small price, it's usually along the lines of an old Buick, an 80's cellphone, or a cardboard box to live in after your girl finds a guy with a 90's cellphone. Flipping the script with delicious mega-portioned grub at pocket-friendly prices, Lenox Square Grill.

Now open at the corner of Lenox Square, Grill's a sprawling palace of palatables, rocking a country club interior featuring a main dining room w/ way-high ceilings, black/white marble flooring, and cherry wood-trimmed windows & walls, plus three private rooms (casual "Club", small-party "Normandie", formal "Boardroom"), in which to eat gut-busting breakfasts, sandwiches, entrees and skillet dinners at Caddyshack-cheap prices that go no higher than $14, so you can fill up, but not gopher broke. Breakfast starts at 7am and goes all damn day, including humungoid buttermilk biscuit sandwiches (turkey/egg/cheese, chicken breast & cheese...), four-egg omelets like the "Cajun" (shrimp, Andouille sausage, green peps, onion, & "N'Awlins" cream sauce), specials such as skillet hash & eggs w/ seasoned beef & potatoes, and pancakes like the peanut butter/banana "Elvis", spiritually akin to Lenox's "Whole Hog" sausage patties. If you've already eaten two breakfasts, step up to sammies like the "Pot Roast" on French bread, and smokey barbecued beef on a grilled egg bun, or get the footlong "Killer Dog", piled with fries, chili, mixed cheese & onions; they've also got skillets loaded with elbow pasta/cheddar sauce/toasted breadcrumbs, and additionals like beans & franks, cheeseburger (w/ mixed-in ground beef), or pizza (pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce), and entrees like "True Southern Catfish" (blackened, fried, or pan-seared), the six-hour roasted "Giant BBQ Beef Rib", and the roasted-crisp, "American lager" whole "Beer Can Chicken", presumably killed via shotgunning.

Because drinking can be enjoyable, they've got brews in bottles and five on tap, 22 vinos, chick-tinis like Going Green (rum, melon liqueur, pine juice), Hurricanes, and martinis like the sugar-rimmed, vodka/Sprite mixed "Under The Boardwalk" -- coincidentally, the same place you'll be sleeping tonight, with only your cellphone to keep you warm.