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Great Brit eats open really late

The British have always been about conquest, whether gaining new territories through occupation, or relentlessly attempting to sleep with your girlfriend until she tells them she's a dental hygienist. Getting all imperialistic with food & bev, London Bistro

Colonizing the space that previously housed Misto and Chiloe, London's a grub-tastic ultra lounge owned by a NY-born former London gentleman, with a 40-seat interior featuring sheer white hanging drapes over shiny brown vinyl benches, and a giant glow-in-the-dark Union Jack on the back wall, plus two fluffy red couches in front of a glass garage door opening to a 20-seat patio surrounded by tan stones, even though Keith Richards should probably be staying out of the sun at this point. The culinary onslaught beginning with farm-fresh apps like crispy "British Airways" wings (in Spicy Mangoroo Glaze, BBQ, or original), blackened shrimp w/ garlic creamy grits & beurre blanc drizzle called "Soul 2 Soul", or "Oxford Samosas": two honey-glazed beef pockets, served w/ summer dip, salad, and at extra comma. Grander grub includes dishes like "The Pied Piper" (chicken marsala w/ sautéed spinach gnocchi), "Royal Marine" (alfredo topped w/ roasted red peppers & grilled or blackened salmon), and "Lords of the Ring" jambalaya with shrimp, crawfish, & pork sausage; for sandwiches and burgers w/ steak fries, there's remoulade-sauced Fish or sautéed pork sausage Bangers, "The Liverpool Turf" turkey burger, or an 8oz Angus chuck patty w/ veggies & chili mayo on toasted loaf called the "Bully Beef & Chips", which will shake you down for the very lunch money you plan to buy it with

LB's lounge stays open 'til 2:30, with each night boasting a different theme, like "Dinner & A Movie" Mondays, a comedy/talk show filming on Wednesdays, and College Football Thursdays w/ game-watching & trivia, proving that the Brits have fallen victim to at least one American conquest not named Becca.