Keep your belly, and your wallet, full

Sometimes names can be misleading, like Chariots of Fire, which featured exactly zero chariots, and Dick Van Dyke, who everyone knows drove station wagons, and was straight. Naming itself for reasons that aren't that crazy, Lunacy Black Market.

Bequeathed with a moniker based less on rampaging insanity, and more on combining Chef Paul Luna's last name with the first two letters of his wife Cynthia's, Lunacy's a living-room-styled lunch/dinner lair, plating shockingly affordable meals in a wood-floored space featuring antique furniture and purchasable local artists' paintings of nude ladies, Ray Charles, and Michael Jackson -- dare to call them Bad, and the owners will tell you to Beat It. Just about everything on both the lunch & dinner menu's under $5, and along with soup and salads, the main attractions for midday eaters are sandwiches like Asian-style pork w/ ginger soy sesame sauce; chicken w/ spinach, tomato & goat cheese; braised beef w/ roasted peppers and Ricotta; and the crispy mushroom, which comes with "chunk" tomato sauce -- overeat, and you'll quickly become acquainted with Sloth. Dinner seekers can nab shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic, Mediterranean chicken leg w/ cinnamon curry cardamom, tangy mint-sauced pork ribs (also made Asian-style), or the four-person-satiating, marinated roasted whole mullet (and now you know who the Trans-Am taking up two spots belongs to).

For the manliest part of the meal, there're chocolate chip cookies w/ apple & caramel sauce, and the red wine-syrup-drizzled poached pear, a name that'll mislead diners to thinking it was illegally murdered by chip-toothed men in khaki hats.