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Tantalizing Mexican eats and 53 types of tequila

The Virgin of Guadalupe has inspired people towards many worthy acts, from more regular attendance at church, to devoting their lives to charitable work, to, most devoutly, starting a taqueria in Midtown, with a truckload of tequilas. Here to bring you the holiest of eats, Lupe. Officially open tonight, Lupe's a 90-seat Latinfest whose founders claim inspiration from the symbolic mother of Mexican culture; tucked in the old Cuerno space, the resto's fashioned with a Virgin mural, red cowhide banquettes, colonial chandeliers decked with handcrafted Mayan pendants, and a polished stone bar with a padded leather bottom, which would've been handy back in your potty-mouthed Sunday School years. For apps, there's Queso Fundido w/ chorizo, a Guacamole Trio (traditional, mango/poblano, pineapple-mint), and the Cocktail de Marisco (shrimp, scallop, & octopus marinated in oj, lime, red onion, tomato & cilantro); tacos come in threes with stuffings like ribeye (w/ salsa rojo, cabbage & pico), pork (w/ salsa verde, grilled corn, poblanos, & jalapenos), and broiled tilapia, plus more exotic meats like lengua, or barbacoa de chibo (baby goat), saving themselves the hassle of protests, because even PETA agree goats are a-holes. For fuller cravings, get platos like braised beef short ribs w/ black beans & rice, whole-roasted & butterflied red snapper basted w/ chile guajillo & octopus tartar sauce, or chicken dishes like Pollo Assado Marinado w/ rice & frijoles charros, all made using fowl from Springer Mountain, where everyone's always screaming, and none of the chicks know who their rooster is. So grab one of 11 bottled beers (Bohemia, Carta Blanca, Pacifico), or 53 tequilas, or let them whip you up cocktails like the Chipotle Gimlet w/ chipotle vodka, lime, & agave nectar, or the Los Danzantes Reposado Mezcal, grapefruit, & simple-syruped Smoke and Mirrors, which is the same thing non-believers call religion but if there were no God, then how are you no longer a virgin?