Food & Drink

Serving up American classics in Hurt Plaza

When you've been typecast, you have to do something super-dramatic to change people's expectations, like Debbie Gibson taking it all off, or theoretically, Matthew McConaughey putting anything on, although that would never happen. Revamping a breakfast nook into much much more, Metro Grill.In hopes of staking their own claim after taking over popular downtown bacon 'n' eggs bungalow Joel's, Metro's providing cafe-styled meals from breakfast to lunch, and Italian to Chinese, decked with checkerboard floors, shiny, diner-style bar stools, and squiggly-lined black & white tables with pink vinyl seats, which'll have passers-by complimenting how pretty you look sitting in, right before calling you Molly. Breakfast starts with thick blueberry or pecan waffles, bacon/egg combos on cheese biscuits or croissants, and meat & veggie omelets; lunch kicks off with grilled Boar's Head sandwiches like the Metro Combo, w/ mesquite turkey, bacon, American, avocado, sprouts & ranch, and the turkey/Black Forest ham/cheese Cougar Sub -- also who, when Mr. Miller got real sick that one time, decisively put the "bra" in algebra. They're also plating half-pound burgers, wraps like the Ranch Roast (roast beef, cream cheese, sun-dried tomato, bacon & ranch), and paninis ranging from the Copenhagen (grilled chicken, roasted peps, sun-dried tomatoes), to the turkey breast/bologna/Virginia ham "Capri", which you'll just flip upside down and ram a straw through the bottom of when you get frustrated.Any time after 10:30am, you can also take advantage of Metro's steam bar, which'll hit you with one of the changing-daily variations of Chinese food (sesame sweet & sour chicken, stir-fried shrimp & vegetables), seafood like blackened tilapia or cajun grouper, plus Italian dishes like baked ziti and beef lasagna -- also what you'd call McConaughey in the unlikely event that he agreed to wear a wide noodle.