Food & Drink

Breakfast and Middle-Eastern fare all day long

Whether it's legs, or diners, everything open after midnight's a little dirty and gross. Changing the diner half of that equation, Midtown Mediterranean. Previously a Jocks N Jills, Midtown's a 24-hour establishment serving both a perpetual breakfast menu and Mid-East entrees in a dual-level space with a Peachtree-facing, leather-chaired front patio and a bright red-wood and brick interior featuring a white-tiled, flatscreen'd bar and a hookah lounge with wrap-around couches...just like at Waffle House. Served with hashbrowns or grits, standby breakfasts include omelets like the Mediterranean (sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, shrooms, spinach, blue cheese crumbles), French Toast, Sausage & Gravy Biscuits, and the American: bacon, sausage, ham, or chicken sausage with two cage-free organic eggs (is this what America's come to, that we can't even control our chickens?). The rest of the menu's highlights: wraps (Gyro, Buffalo, Philly Cheese), sandwiches (Blackened Tilapia, Grilled Salmon, Turkey Club), Homemade Baked Lasagna, $11 six-topping pizzas (feta, steak, shrimp...), Baby Back Ribs, and a Grilled Lamb Shish Kebob with pita, grilled veggies, mashed tomato salad, and imported bulgur rice made with crack wheat -- so delicious, you won't even notice your teeth falling out, Pookie. To wash things down, Mid Med's serving wine, drafts (Miller Lt., Stella, & 420), and bottles (Corona, Newcastle, Heineken); Euro coffees and pastries can also be had, but for some reason only on the patio -- allowing passersby to see just what grossness your open legs have to offer.