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Cheesey slices and sandwiches with too many toppings

Certain career skills can be leveraged into greater positions: plenty of politicians started as lobbyists, and jump-starting an escort service is much easier if you've had an ACORN internship. For a joint that leveraged dessert-making experience into manlier pies, try Mulberry St. Pizza

Just opened by two UGA grads, one of whom learned through his extensive baking and French crepery experience to spare no expense on ingredients, Mulberry's a 50-seat pizza parlor decked with long black benches, red vinyl-cushioned chairs, and various sports imagery (Matt Ryan, Braves championship flags, and the demolition of the Atlanta Stadium), dedicated to prepping pies, sandwiches, and entrees using high-end pizza-parts like 100% Grande cheeses (with the plaque to prove it), locally sourced veggies, and daily-delivered bread from The Grateful Bread Co. of Smyrna, who're less likely to wreck a hotel room than those crazy Rolling Scones. Things start off with toasted French Pesto Bread (w/ basil, mozzarella, garlic), and continue with ground beef, Canadian bacon, ham, pepperoni, and sausage-stuffed Strombolis, meat or spinach Lasagna, and hulking calzones; 11" hoagie roll subs include the hot-or-cold ham, salami, capicola, prosciuttini, mortadella, mozzarella, and provolone Italian Combo, and the Sausage Parm, with housemade marinara and Italian rope sausage, which you'll tell nearby women you're already packing, even though they'll assume you're knot. Stone-decked-oven-baked pizzas come in standard slices, dangerously thick Sicilian, or pies with 25 topping choices (top-grade Ezzo pepperoni, anchovies, artichokes, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes...); specialty pies include the Meat Lovers (pepperoni, beef, ham, Canadian bacon, sausage, meatballs), Greek (spinach, feta, black olive, banana pepper), or the red-pepper-flake, jalapeno, onion, and spicy sausage-topped Angry Pizza -- proving indeed that pizza and sex do have a lot in common

Mulberry also specializes in catering, with five-person-minimum Pizza Buffets and 10-guest Lasagna Dinners; they'll also deliver up to three miles from their location -- because the ACORN doesn't far fall from the tree, and your girls get awful nasty when they're hungry.

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