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Greek eats and an extensive Mediterranean menu

Greek culture has infiltrated the modern age in myriad ways: Nike is their god of victory, UGA's located in Athens, and Poseidon was an adventure, twice. For a similarly influenced restaurant, hit Mykonos Taverna.Formerly a Roadhouse Grill, Mykonos is a grey-marble-decked Mediterranean diner, loudly done up with a bright blue neon-lighted interior signage, a disco-ball'd dining area doubling as a wood-paneled dance floor for late-night weekend butt-shakery, serving authentic Greek cuisine to a max of 300 guests, or legions of Persians. Food's prepped by immigrated Greek chefs and includes hot starters like pan-fried ground beef Keftedes w/ onion (served w/ Tzatziki & fries), and cold apps like Taramosalata (fluffy caviar & potato spread); heartier fare's repped by 8oz ground steak Greek Burgers w/ feta in a pita, "Most Excellent" Philly steaks, and chicken, lamb, or beef/lamb iterations of "Largest and Best Gyro in Town", which is also what you mention you've got to Greek chicks when you're extra-desperate to get slapped. Entrees include charcoal-grilled meats like Brizola Moscharisia (an aged ribeye basted w/ lemon, herbs, & mushroom caps); Aegean Sea Pasta w/ sauteed jumbo shrimp & scallops; traditional oven casseroles like Psiari Plaki (tilapia, onions, garlic, & plum tomatoes over wine-sauced rice); and seafood plates like pan-fried codfish w/ Skordalia -- an emulsified garlic puree with punchy taste, not a demand when you're desperate for a flower fix.Mykonos's got a full bar, w/ Sam Summer, 420, Blue Moon, & six other brews on tap right now, plus desserts like Baklava, Chocolate Mousse, and a baked custard pastry in paper-thin dough, also the box office take for the Poseidon Adventure, once.