Naturalism Furniture

Nature can inspire so much, from the timeless photography of Ansel Adams, to the stories of Jack London, to endless arguments with Nurture about which one's responsible for your pitiful athleticism and inability to love. And also, fully badass home deckings, from Naturalism Furniture.A one-man-named-Rob ATL woodshop, Naturalism creates chairs, tables and other home furnishings inspired by plants and animals plus custom works-for-hire, all drawing on "the random beauty of nature" -- which, unlike the random beauty of Nature Boy, involves significantly fewer feathered robes. Animalistic appointments include the "Jellyfish" table w/ a reddish-brown Bubinga top, standing on clear acrylic rods surrounded by 70 swirling beige oak tentacles hanging down to the floor, the half-shell "Oyster" seat, the "Porcupine" table, with a smooth, dark brown Claro walnut top and 100+ zebrawood quills forming the legs sprouting from a black walnut mound, and the African mahogany-topped "Turtle" stool -- ironic, as they caused you to get of your terrarium, now freeing up room for a turtle stool. You can also idolize non-animals with the English walnut "Tree" table (w/ natural "live" edges), the "Fungus" stool, which is stack-laminated (creating a horizontal grain pattern) and features contours for foot-resting, and the mushroom-mimicking "Wild Porcini" table, with a detachable base that you can flip to change the look -- made w/ Claro, it can be easily reproduced with any other hardwood, because everyone knows softwood is pretty terrible at reproduction.If you ask nicely enough, Rob'll also create a custom piece for your crib, from cabinets, to sculptures, to antique/mid-20th-century reproductions -- just like the ones you manage to enjoy, thanks to studying Hugh Grant's every nuance, of "feelings".