Crafts tees, button-ups, and accessories to keep you non-nude

Some things get better with age, like a haunch of prosciutto's nutty mellowness, a fine single-malt's flavor profile, and Charles Bronson's unique brand of plodding, mustachioed vigilantism. For denim that rewards aging, check out Nudie

Proving Sweden can produce more than just wives for Tiger Woods, Nudie devotedly crafts tees, button-ups, and accessories, but its bread-and-butter's its naturally weathering, form-fitting dry denim, which after six months of dutiful not-washing, adjusts to perfectly accommodate your body, unless those swaggering boasts about a third leg are tragically literal. Fresh models include the Average Joe in Dusty Navy, with heavy 14.25oz, rigid Italian denim, orange threading, and pre-faded back pockets; the looser, midweight cotton/cashmere blended Lab Emil 18 Dry, with a selvage-lined coin pocket and pure silver rivets & buttons; and the skinny, straight leg, faded indigo Grim Tim, whose reaper character you won't remember from the Garbage Pail Kids, due to an unfortunate lack of vomit and boogers. Tees include the dark gray, stonewashed organic cotton Fritz Mixtape (w/ unwound cassette spelling out "Mixtape"), and the super thin Gaston Nudie Noise, w/ crossed guitars featuring "No Noise Nudie" text; there's also the Marten Flannel, with a front chest pocket w/ orange diagonal bars, and the small button-down collar, blue/red plaid Andy BD Big Check -- which always looked so awesome when Ed McMahon handed them out, but you ever try jamming one into an ATM

Nudie's also got new cotton/polyamide/elastane purple socks, a pair of tightie-grey-and-whities called Bobby Circles, and oddly enough, a denim table-tennis paddle case, even though one thing that definitely gets worse with age is professing your love for ping pong with accessories.