Stay warm with seasonal wear from Canadians

Canada gives Americans plenty to love: their unique brand of bacon, Michael J. Fox, and a safe haven for consuming drafts even while dodging them. And now, Fall & Winter gear, from Obakki.Newly arrived in ATL, Obakki's a line of garmentry manufactured in Vancouver, boasting a supply of fresh-for-Autumn button-downs, sweaters, jackets, and various other outerwear crafted with Japanese wool and other fabrics, all designed to fall between rugged and refined, giving it that coveted Jack Palance-reading-The-New Yorker steez. For heavy shirting, there's the wool/cotton/silk/Angora-blended Button Front w/ quilted black lining (in red, black & white plaid, or forest green), while lighter topwear includes the Plaid Button Front in green or blue, and slim fitting longsleeves like the Asymmetrical Neck Cotton Henley, made of 85% cotton and 15% camel, although hopefully wearing one will get you more hump than that. Outerwear also abounds, including torso-covering jackets like the black Zip Front Leather (oiled, w/ side & sleeve zips, button collar), the Heavy Fleece Button Front (100% cotton w/ dual front pockets & gold buttons), the green Hooded Parka w/ a fur-lined hood, and the greenish-brown, knee-length wool Double Breasted, also your nickname before Dan Marino was nice enough to tell you about Nutrisystem.If the last thing you need to ensure happiness is a good sweater, Obakki's got the Double Layer Jersey Cardigan with a blue exterior/cream inside, and they'll keep you fashionably thuggish with the Heavy Fleece Zip Front Hoodie, ideal for pulling tightly over your head if the price of your draft arbitrage is having to watch hockey.