The Wu-Tang Chef drops science

Just before hitting the stage this past Saturday at Masquerade, we caught up with the part-time Buckhead resident/full-time Wu-Tang member for his thoughts on Voltron, ice cream trucks, and his undying loyalty to Elijah Wood. Fire-proof safes, or bulletproof wallets? Bulletproof wallets. That means your money is invincible. We came up with that phenomenon. It ricochets; your money is strong.

Booze or blunts? Well, I'll say the blunts. I don't hate booze, but when I drink it kind of messes up my mind sight, you know. I never really liked that. With the blunt I can maintain.

Ghostface or Ghost Dad, the totally hilarious Bill Cosby vehicle? Ghostface. That's my ace; that's my brother right there. Gotta go with real family over Huxtables, you know?

Who wins in a fight, Ghostface or Kimbo Slice? I think Ghost would win. I know Kimbo's a big guy and all that, but I gotta go with my man Ghost because I know how slippery he is with knives and all that.

Socrates' philosophies, high prophecies, or playing Sonic the Hedgehog stoned all day? I never liked to play video games. That was my man Deck's famous line. I gotta go Socrates all day.

Lord of the Rings or a Lord with a bunch of rings, most of them pretty nice? I'm going with Lord of the Rings. You know my man Elijah Wood did a movie with me - Black And White. I'm reppin' him right now.

Ice cream trucks or other forms of mobile food sales not directed at children? Ice cream trucks. They're in every ghetto, every hood, every city. You used to hear the ice cream truck coming and wild out.

Verbal Intercourse or silent sex? Sex is the most beautiful thing in the world, besides life. Verbal Intercourse is just when we get on the mic, but um, you know. Silent sex? I mean yeah, silent sex.

Rae Dawn Chong, or Raven-Symoné? Nah...Raven-Symoné. I think she's a successful young black woman that's doing her thing. So I'm more towards her style than Rae-Dawn Whoever.

C.R.E.A.M. or 1% milk? I never liked milk too much. Milk makes you sh*t a lot.

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