Since the beginning of time, if you wanted to eat, drink, and play games in one place, your options were Dave & Busters, where the food & bev options are pretty standard, or Chuck E. Cheese, where you already quit, so it's awkward, although you miss all that free Mr. Pibb. Stepping the whole concept up, Ormsby's

Opening tonight, Ormsby's is a bi-level tavern serving craft beers and cocktails, plus elevated dishes in an expansive upstairs dining area featuring a small couch lounge and wooden booths, and a sprawling bottom level with abundant games like backgammon, pinball, billiards, and a large indoor bocce ball court, plus a "Multicade" that holds dozens of video games, like Frogger, Galaga, Mario Bros., Centipede, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Burger Time, which you know damn well is not a game at all. Starters include baked Apalachicola oysters w/ applewood bacon, hand-dipped corn dogs w/ Sriracha mayo, and house-made pickles (balsamic eggs w/ celery salt, okra w/ sweet onion, sweet/sour watermelon rind); next, move to hoagies like the horseradish sour cream and pickled red onion-topped "Uncle Lenny's Shaved Roast Beef", or get the White Oak grass-fed ground beef, caramelized onion, shrooms & Provolone-topped Bruno burger, which Eminem will pretend he never saw coming, but actually knew all about. Every day has its own dinner feature, like shrimp & grits on Mon, horseradish prime rib on Tues, and veal & mushroom meatballs on Wed; they've also got Guinness-braised bratwurst (w/ kraut & stout mustard, on pretzel roll), chicken & apple sausage w/ Taleggio fondue, or the potato-bunned spiced lamb merguez w/ tzatziki, all part of a category called "Bangers, Links, & Wieners" -- also your diverse high school gang made up of kids who got laid, some who were way too into Zelda, and those whose parents couldn't afford pants. Or underwear

The carefully selected beer menu includes rare drafts, from North Coast Brother Thelonious, to Schmaltz Albino Python, to Stone Ruination Ale, and they're stocking 40 bottled brews typically not found in ATL, including Boon Geuze, Lefthand Sawtooth, and Corsendonk Brown, the very bathroom activity that caused you to fall out of favor with the masters of a certain robot mouse.