Philly's Here

Far in the future, you'll recount today's events to your children, your children's children, and your children's illegitimate children you sometimes see in court: you'll say, "that was the day Thrillist Philadelphia launched". To prepare for that proud day, sign yourself up and inform your chums that we're ramped up for immediate delivery of gold-dipped gold from a freakishly exclusive nightclub slinging champagne by the 3-liter jeroboam, to bespoke grease monkey fashion from an actual giant, to a German beer garden so authentic, you'd gladly eat several feet of wiener just to keep your seat.

Once you're subscribed, benevolently forward this to your Philly-dwelling peeps, so they too can bask in the radiance of Thrillist's crap-free info, and know that, despite what their mother said before being dragged out by the bailiff, the world is not a wretchedly evil place. Thanks for your support, and stay awesome.