PickupPal 2.0

Sure, ridesharing might save the planet from choking on a hellish cloud of fumes, but how many of your neighbors actually work near you, and of those, how many wouldn't you enjoy seeing choke on a hellish cloud of fumes? Expand your ridesharing pool, with PickupPal.

Just launching version 2.0, PuP's an online carpooling community that uses both route-matching and profiling to connect passengers and drivers both heading in the same direction, and unlikely to kill each other en route. Assuming you're a passenger, just drop in name, email, and Points A & B, then indicate how much you're willing to chip in; you'll then be shown profiles of possible drivers (including personal pics and auto descriptions), with whom you can exchange messages to settle on a $ amount -- most ask for your share of the gas, some might try to make a buck and, terrifyingly, a few are just in it for companionship. To assist your research, the revamped service now also hooks you up with your potentials' Facebook and MySpace pages, so you can tell beforehand what their mood is, and if they're Spacehog.

On April 1st, PuP will launch PickupPal Groups, which'll allow users to form online posses according to shared interest, thereby facilitating shared rides to concerts, with people also interested in choking down fumes on the way.