Piggy City Bar-B-Que

While some businesses profit by offering only a limited selection, others do just as well peddling damn-near everything, as the back pages of the free magazines at Pink Pony can attest. Giving you as much of the pig as you can put away, Piggy City Bar-B-Que.Taking over the bygone Frank's BBQ, Piggy's a modestly decked/priced/sized shack of Memphis-styled barbecue, with seating for 25 amidst burnt-orange and mustard-colored stone walls, bamboo blinds, and green/white tables, serving standard ribs, sandwiches, platters, and parts of the hog you'd normally only see at Southern cookouts, though it's BYO uncle's buttcrack. Get cheaply filled with garlic Texas-toasted sandwiches like chopped chicken, beef, or pork in sweet BBQ sauce, plus a "Side-Kick" (cornbread dressing, carrot souffle, black-eyed peas...) and drink, all for under $5; the "Southern" menu offers heftier dishes like braised oxtails and spicy BBQ-baked chicken, plus classic country delicacies like spicy sauteed neck bones, boiled/stewed chitterlings, boiled pig feet or ears, and ham hocks (but you know you're desperate when you're pawning lunch meats). BBQ includes overnight-smoked & marinated pork ribs, hickory-smoked turkey drumsticks and breasts, and thick-sliced beef briskets (dry-rubbed w/ onions, paprika, cumin, & garlic), plus baby back or lamb ribs on Fridays only; they've also got combo platters like the two-person, four-rib/chopped chicken/beef & pork/smoked sausage 2-Peas-N-Pot, which comes with four Side-Kicks, just like the 2-Peas-less version, once word gets out you've got it.PC's also got house-made desserts like chocolate chip cookies, peach cobbler, sweet potato pies, and bread pudding that's done "Old-Fashioned"-style -- just like you were, after confirming that yes indeed, those magazines sell everything.